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Locksmith Biography – Height, Age, Salary, Career, Family and Net Worth!

Locksmith, You may find out about their wealth, spouse, age, height, and weight, among other things, on this website. In 2022, American rapper Locksmith has a $3 million fortune. Locksmith is his stage persona, but his actual name is Davood Ali Asgari. In the world of hip-hop music, he is a household name. In 2002, he and a buddy named Left formed a band under the moniker The Frontline. You may also find them on the Watch Out Now compilation. He made his first studio album, “A Thousand Cuts,” and it was well-praised upon its 2014 release.

He has recorded an album with several well-known musicians working together. A joint album, titled “Embedded,” was published in 2011 with Ski Beatz as a collaborator. Listeners have well received the record produced by this partnership. He’s signed with I.M.G. Records, and his first album, Which R You, has been an enormous success, climbing to number 48 on the Billboard Independent Albums list.

Earnings of a Locksmith

Locksmith, a famous American rapper, is worth $3 million. Internet sources (Wikipedia, Forbes, and Bloomberg) place the most successful American rapper, Locksmith, net worth at about $3 million. Due to his distinct rapping style and the quality of his previous music releases, Locksmith has become a household name in the world of popular music. His career as a musician has flourished because he collaborated with well-known record companies and musicians. His work on the platinum-selling studio album “Who R You” is mainly responsible for his rise to fame.

Expanding Wealth in the Lock and Key Industry

As a result of his success as a rapper, he now has a sizable bank account. Over the years, he’s contributed to the music business by singing his tunes. The contract price he costs the record company to distribute the studio albums is the Locksmith’s principal source of revenue. He also earns a lot of money from his live musical appearances. According to the claims, this rapper has a net worth of $3 million and makes thousands of dollars yearly.

A History of the Locksmith Profession

He (Locksmith) turned 38 years old on September 29, making him 38 years old. He entered this world in the American city of Richmond, California. His mother raised him from infancy. It’s likely that his father is Persian and hails from Iran. His Chicago-born mother is of African descent. He has four elder half-siblings with whom he grew up. The two rap groups, Blackalicious and Digital Underground, both include his sister. He just graduated with honors from a prestigious institution. Since he was a kid, baseball has been his passion, and he even used to play on teams.

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He got along with a classmate, Left, who recorded a rap single together. Because of his talent and hard work, he quickly rose to the top of the music business. They found jobs at the West Contra Costa Youth Service Bureau when they finished school. After that, he began his career in music and is now known as a successful rapper who has already published several critically acclaimed albums and singles.

Expert Locksmith Discusses His Profession and Accomplishments

The Locksmith started as a professional rapper in the Bay Area battle rap scene, where he became well-known in his hometown. In addition, he is now a finalist on MTV’s MC Battle. His pal Left and he started their band called Left The Frontline and had an appearance on Watch Out Now Mixtape in 1996.

The reception to his 2014 first album, “A Thousand Cuts,” was primarily good. He joined I.M.G. Records as an artist in 2004. His first studio album for the company, titled “Who R You,” features his contributions and has quickly become a hit.


Accounts on Social Networking Sites from a Locksmith

This album and another titled “Now You Know” have both charted on the Billboard Independent Albums list. “Embedded,” a joint album by Locksmith and Ski Beatz, was released in 2011. Throughout his career, he has released many mixtapes. He recently released a mixtape titled The Lock Sessions Vol. 3. In 2015, he appeared at the SXSW music festival. He has achieved unprecedented fame and commercial success in the music business.


Lockpicker graduated from De Anza High School, located in Richmond. A graduate degree in African American Studies from the University of California, Berkeley followed.

Questions & Answers

How much money does Locksmith have?

Locksmith has a total fortune of around $3,000,000.

How old is Locksmith, exactly?

Presently, Locksmith is 38 years old (September 29 1984).

How Much Does a Locksmith Make?

A typical annual compensation for a locksmith is $40,000, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.


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